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In the fast-paced and competitive business landscape, fostering a healthy and engaged workforce is essential for sustained success. Beyond traditional offerings, Motivate Ultra have been delivering corporate health programs throughout the Perth CBD for the past 15 years. 


We have curated a diverse set of offerings and a range of extra services designed to enhance the well-being, teamwork, and overall productivity of your workplace to cater to the unique needs of your building, clients and workforce.

Our core service delivery is providing building owners and management teams with professional fitness and well-being services to deliver a unique "in-building community", through activating dead spaces and turning them into fitness class spaces or even, a gym facility. 


Companies benefit from including well-being services for their staff. These benefits include improved productivity, teamwork, stress management, and resilience in the workplace, combined with reduced absenteeism and hours lost due to illness helps a company maintain a competitive edge.


Below are the other services and corporate health programs that we can provide and offer to you. Contact us today to explore how our innovative offerings can elevate your workplace to new heights.

Yoga and Pilates Classes

Motivate Ultra has a large team of trained professional Yoga and Pilates instructors. If you’re looking for something different, to get your team up and moving in a healthy and productive way then Yoga/Pilates and meditation are widely recognised for both their physical and psychological benefits, assisting in staff productivity and wellbeing. 


Many businesses are introducing wellness programs into their offices, allowing their staff to take an intentional pause in their day, helping employees reduce stress and calm and rejuvenate their mind and bodies. 


We can create a tailored program to cater for all employees and employer’s needs. Classes can take place at any time of the day, either at your office or at our VAULT gym facility. Our experienced teachers specialise in many different styles of yoga and pilates, so we can arrange the teacher, time, and style of class to suit your needs.

Space Activation and Fitness Classes

If you’re a building owner or facilities management team, looking for a competitive edge, and have some dead space that you’re not sure what to do with - then this could be your solution. Motivate is a proud leader in corporate fitness and well-being, and works with many building owners and management companies to design, manage and maintain in-building corporate fitness and well-being classes. 

If you have a vacant floor, room or space that you’re looking to ‘activate’ then we can utilise this space to set up and run wellness classes for your building tenants and their employees. We can set up this space to deliver classes like; body weight circuits, Yoga and Pilates, themed HIIT classes with minimal equipment and disruption to other co-existing users.

Transform your workspace into a hub of vitality with our space activation services, fostering a culture of wellness right at your location. The added benefit of tenant companies gaining and having access to wellness activities within your building can help you with attracting and retaining tenants, companies and employees. 

Keynote presentations and subject matter experts

Enrich your team with insightful presentations and keynote talks on a variety of subjects. Our experienced speakers cover topics such as leadership, motivation, stress management, and more, providing valuable perspectives to inspire and motivate your team.

Motivate Ultra have developed several related topics for the corporate audience. These keynote talks can be delivered as part of a ‘wellness month or week’, as part of a ‘lunch and learn’ toolbox series, or on an adhoc basis to suit whatever your needs may be.

Our subject matter includes subjects like; 

  • Fitness in the Workplace,

  • Stress Management / Optimising Stress,

  • Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace,

  • Meditation and Journaling,

  • Nutrition and Exercise,

  • Mindset and Performance,

  • Recovery and Restoration,

  • Stretch and Tips for the Office Environment, 

  • Ergonomic Assessments

The presentations can be delivered as standalone 45-minute lunch and learns to get the information in short and sharp sessions, or a weekly/monthly series to fully explore the content and work to dive deeper into the practical elements of the presentations.

Sessions are typically 45-minutes, with 10-15 minutes of Q&A at the end. Shorter sessions can be delivered if time is limited. Companies can nominate topics of interest to ensure content remains relevant to staff requirements.

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us to see if we can tailor something to your needs. 


Exercise Physiologist Services

Motivate Ultra’s accredited Exercise Physiologist is a trained health professional who is equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver safe and effective exercise interventions for individuals with acute or chronic medical conditions, disabilities, or injuries.

Elevate your fitness programs with the expertise of our exercise physiologists. Tailored to individual needs, our services encompass personalised exercise plans, health assessments, and ongoing support to optimise physical well-being.

More information about the range of services, benefits and purpose of our exercise physiologist can be found here

Our Exercise Physiologist can also assist your workplace or team through other engagement services like;

  • Ergonomic Assessments,

  • Workcover WA / return to work assistance programs,


Team Building & Workplace Engagement Events and Activities

If you’re looking for some outdoor or indoor activities to do with your company, workplace or team, then Motivate Ultra can help deliver this for you. We can offer you wellness focused fun and engagement through some alternative programs like our Sports Days, Corporate Challenges, or Team Building Workshops.

Strengthen bonds and enhance teamwork with our dynamic team-building events and activities. From problem-solving challenges to collaborative tasks, our programs are designed to foster communication, trust, and a positive team spirit.


Sports Day

Motivate Ultra can meet you at an outdoor green space (or in our gym) and deliver an opportunity for you to participate in some friendly competition among your colleagues. 

Designed to increase Physical Activity without using the “E” word...exercise. Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by contraction of skeletal muscles that increases energy expenditure above resting levels and comprises routine daily tasks such as commuting, occupational tasks, or household activities.

Like a mini Olympics, we will deliver various games in or outside of the gym from obstacle courses, to tug of war, to team work games and various races and challenges. These can run from anywhere from 2-4 Hours and can take place in both indoor and outdoor. 

Set up to pit departments against departments or to encourage engagement across the workplace this program is different to the usual exercise-based challenge.

Some benefits for your team to participate in a sports day are; Building cohesion and relationships outside of the typical work environment, Provide a low stress, enjoyable setting to collaborate with colleagues on achieving a goal, Celebrate others achievements and encourage a supportive environment.


Corporate Challenge

Our corporate challenge is designed to motivate employees to commit to a goal whilst working to increase fitness levels and improve awareness on the importance of personal wellness – particularly in the workplace.

Our corporate challenge involves a 6 week immersive gym experience. Week 1 will include a launch presentation and baseline physical and body composition scans and their baseline physical performance test. The baseline physical performance test can be completed at three difficulty levels to choose from. They will measure their performance of six timed exercises in the gym. 

Weeks 2 through 5 is where the training really occurs, where participants will have access to our VAULT gym, entitling them to all classes and services at the VAULT, St Martins Centre location.

Week 6 will close out the challenge where participants will again complete their physical and body composition scans and their physical performance test to see what physiological and physical adaptations which have occurred during the training. 

We celebrate success with an awards presentation to reward the efforts of all those participants.

The corporate challenge is delivered in a safe, fun, inclusive and supportive environment with the focus being on promoting healthy lifestyles.

Some major benefits for your team by participating in the workplace challenge are; Building cohesion and relationships outside of the typical work environment, A competitive and engaging program that is inclusive for all levels of perceived fitness, Provides a low stress, enjoyable setting to collaborate with colleagues on achieving a goal.


Team Building Workshops

A blend of sports, challenges and activities that can be delivered indoors or outdoors where the focus is all on teamwork and communication. These team building activities can be part of a full ‘team building day’, a one-off session, or as part of a weekly/monthly series.

The aim is to increase engagement, fun and collaboration in a safe and supportive environment. Having team building activities delivered by Motivate Ultra, also allows all of your staff to actively participate, and leaders can take a backseat to see who else will stand up and take initiative within the workplace. 

Some major benefits for your team by participating in the workplace challenge are; Building cohesion and relationships outside of the typical work environment, A collaboration and communication focused engaging program, provides a low stress, enjoyable setting to collaborate with colleagues on achieving a goal and overcoming adversity or challenges.


Metabolic Measurements and Body Composition Scans 

Motivate Ultra provides in-house visits to your company to conduct our Metabolic Measurement scans to provide staff with a snapshot of their health and kickstart some healthy habits or reinforce their hard work.

A one on one sit down with an experienced trainer in a session designed to give you data to work with. These are non-intrusive bio impedance analysis scales which provide us with a range of data.

  • Muscle mass & Muscle quality

  • Body fat percentage & Visceral fat

  • Bone mass

  • Body water percentage

  • Basal metabolic rate

  • Metabolic age

  • Segmental arm, trunk, leg muscle and fat mass analysis

  • Blood pressure, and Resting heart rate 


Participants will be able to discuss and understand the results, and set personal goals or simply explore ways to include more physical activity into their daily routine.

The physiological readings can be used as a platform for future training programs and for comparing results down the track to see how planned activities may have improved fitness and wellbeing over time.

The benefits to your staff is that participating employees can discuss goals relating to their health in a simple way and then map out how they can implement more activity into a daily routine. If they are completing further or regular readings, participants can see how planned activity and advice has impacted these physiological readings and provide a platform for future training programs and goals.


Holistic Health Coaching

Motivate Ultra have trained health coach professionals through the ShaeWellness platform, an AI driven technology and coaching platform that provides a multitude of resources, guidance and support to the corporate worker. 

Our staff, using the ShaeWellness technology, can help provide to you the precise tools & technology for you and your team that organisations need to optimise the DNA building blocks of healthy performance, and a flourishing culture at work.

Covering key pillars of; Mental, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Social, and Environmental this technology provides an all-in-one platform to minimise your wellness ‘vendor’ admin and management. 

This can be delivered to your company in a ‘yearly subscription’ package or via an ‘8 week immersive program’, where Motivate Ultra will work with your staff to understand their unique health profile and how to maximise their wellbeing and output. The ShaeWellness program can also provide key insights and reporting into your workplace and how your colleagues operate and what makes them tick. 

Event Training & Preparation Programs

Prepare your team for exciting challenges with our specialised event training programs. Whether it's conquering obstacle courses, participating in charity events, or taking on fitness challenges, we'll ensure your team is ready for success.

A team with a shared, common goal is a successful one, that is why so many workplaces are now motivated to do the following type of events:

  • Running; City2Surf, HBF Run for a Reason

  • Swimming; Rottnest Channel Swim, Port to Pub

  • Obstacle course races; Tough Mudder, True Grit. 


If you’re looking for some help to guide your training an preparation, then we can help. Don’t leave your team training to chance, enrol in one of our cycles of training and let us guide you along the way to accomplishing your workplace goal!

The benefits provided to your team will be a structured and progressive training plan to take all participants towards their goal simultaneously, so no one feels “left behind”. This can also enhance comradery in the workplace and opportunity to grow interoffice relationships.

Anchor 1 - yoga/pilates
Anchor 2 - Space Activation
Anchor 3 - Keynote Talks
Anchor 4 - Exercise Phys
Anchor 5 - Team Building
Anchor 6 - Metabolic Measurements
Anchor 7 - Health Coaching
Anchor 8 - Event Training

Find out more

Investing in the well-being and professional development of your team has never been easier. Motivate Ultra is dedicated to providing exceptional extra services that go beyond the ordinary, fostering a workplace culture that prioritises health, collaboration, and success. 


If there is anything here that you may be interested in discussing further or finding our more information about,  just let us know. Contact us today to explore how our innovative offerings can elevate your workplace to new heights.


We are also happy to new ideas and to work with you and your team to workshop some new ideas or approaches that you may want to take to help you deliver more corporate wellness and a higher performance within your company and workplace.

Thanks for getting in contact with us!

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