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About Motivate Ultra

Motivate Health Solutions was founded by Todd Duffridge and John Kirchner in 2008.

Initially Motivate was a service provider delivering exclusive Personal Training and Corporate Health programs.

In 2012 Motivate partnered with Exchange Tower to establish the first of our facilities, [VAULT], in the Perth CBD.

Motivate is now proudly a leader in corporate fitness and well-being, and works with many building owners and management companies to design, manage and maintain in-building corporate fitness and well-being centers.



Motivate provides building owners and management teams with professional fitness and well-being services to deliver a unique "in-building community". Our services are designed to increase the loyalty of existing tenants by extending a highly sought-after health and well-being membership, linked to your tenant's tenancy, with your building, which often attracts new tenants to join your building community.


Companies benefit from including well-being services for their staff. These benefits include improved productivity, teamwork, stress management, and resilience in the workplace, combined with reduced absenteeism and hours lost due to illness helps a company maintain a competitive edge. Plus, the added benefit companies gain having access to wellness in attracting and retaining quality staff.

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Motivate provides corporate fitness facilities for your health & well-being needs, located conveniently in the Perth CBD. Select your location to get started.

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