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2023 Charity Spin Roadshow - Wrap Up

Updated: Jan 18

The 2023 Charity Spin Roadshow has come to a conclusion in a remarkable display of generosity and commitment. As our biggest ever charity event, the 8-day Charity Spin Roadshow left a trail of inspiration across our six locations, bringing companies together for a common cause.

The event aimed at raising funds for our three charities; Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Steve Waugh Foundation & Give a Feed, surpassed all expectations, raising an astounding amount of over $60,000!!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our major sponsors, Canopy Blue, who made a further donation on top of their sponsorship, in the closing hours of the event to help us reach the $60k mark!

Companies were invited to enter teams of riders, riding together for 20 minutes to raise money and compete against other teams for prizes (and some bragging rights). Each team who rode kicked off with great enthusiasm and high energy, as participants from a range of companies strapped in and hopped onto their bikes. From seasoned cyclists to first-time riders everyone joined the cause, with playlists and dress-ups, they were pedalling with a purpose.

Along with our Grand prize Event Champions (awarded to the company who rode the furthest collective distance throughout the event), we also awarded a prize for each day to the furthest distance, most burned calories and highest power average. Collectively everyone who participated rode 6,956KM and burned 118,589 calories across the 8 day event.

At the forefront of the 8-day charity spin bike ride stood (sat) Toddy, the epitome of dedication and endurance. Throughout his gruelling journey spanning eight days of non-stop riding, Toddy hit the 2,222 km mark on the final event day, showing a spirit of unwavering commitment to the cause.

The event covered a range of settings across our six locations, providing a unique and inclusive experience for all involved. A big thanks to our supporting locations and their management teams; Exchange Tower, Alluvion, 240 Dexus, 225 Charter Hall, London House, and St. Martins Centre.

Thank you to our other key sponsors in Euroz Hartleys and Katana Asset Management, along with Canopy Blue, their support has left an indelible mark on the success of the charity spin bike ride. Their commitment has not only elevated the success of this initiative, now into its 9th year, but has also set a benchmark for future corporate-led charitable endeavours.

Our initial fundraising goal was $50,000 but the response exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. The community's generosity and the supporting building management teams, propelled the event to a fundraising total that will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact on each of the charity's missions.

The 2023 Charity Spin Roadshow was a celebration of resilience, determination, and creating a significant impact. The event not only raised funds but also brought people together, creating a shared space where everyone felt the power of collective action. Beyond promoting physical well-being, participants were not only taking on the challenge  - they were championing a cause.

Toddy's decision to simultaneously champion these three charities added a multifaceted layer to the Charity Spin Roadshow, demonstrating that the impact of his journey extends far beyond the kilometres travelled—it will reach into the lives of those who stand to benefit from the invaluable contributions to healthcare, rare disease support, and food assistance.

As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to leveraging this momentum and continue reinforcing our commitment to making a positive impact and making a difference in the communities where we operate.

We look forward to bringing you the 10 year anniversary event, next year. Which will be bigger and better than ever.



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